Eurostar EV-97


In recent years we have taken on the repair of the Eurostar EV-97 and SL. We have produced a Jig that means we are able to replace any damaged parts including, all internal structure, fuselage sides, tail cone etc.

We work alongside the BMAA and LAA and have the required letter of no technical objection from Light Sport Aviation who are the UK importer from whom we source all our spares.


As well as just repairs we are also happy to provide a "spruce" up service, we can:


Replace any dented panels 

Replace or fit new vinyl graphic designs 

Repaint the interior 

dye the interior trim

repaint all external painted areas

treat the airframe with ACF-50 for corrosion protection


Along with anything else you may require we will be happy to help with your needs.

Open 5 days a week:

Monday-Friday  7:30am-4pm

Friday - 7:30am - 1:30pm

Saturday  By Appointment Only


Talk to us:

Office - 01453 860861

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